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Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 04 (of Revenge-less)

Day 04- A habit that you wish you didn't have.

sepatutnya aku nak buat "a habit that i wish she didn't have"
tapi sebab mood aku baik harini jadi aku nak compensate balik lah sebab aku da kenakan dia kaw2 punya semalam.. so here it goes ;

some habits that i wish she wont stop 

1. she has a nice voice. could've beaten up all those supersampah singing-addicts-related syndrome on the show. it's her habit to sing in the toilet and home only,but not in public. but i love the most when she uses it on the right track as well; that's when she read the quran with proper tajwid or being imam during our solat jemaah together. it reminds me of my mom, when she reciting the salawat to us during our bedtime.

242. as everybody knows it, Hur Azmi is a caring person. truly. semua orang pun dia nak care. sampai jadi annoying pun ada. semua benda pun dia nak handle, she's like our mom. i hate it. but i wish she wont stop caring about people, that makes people sometimes feeling like they're not doing the right thing by theirself, they will depend on you and just you. maybe some would love that, some would appreciate that, and some would ask for more but please.. berpada-pada ye, jangan sampai orang pijak kepala awak.it's not a pleasing view for me to see you that way.

10. I wish you are not as stubborn as you're now. yeah you'll do what you want. you'll go the seaside alone if you want. will disappear from view in seconds and will scold me and bebel bebel bebel.. your opinions are so strong and you really believe in that sampai kadang-kadang aku pun malas nak layan. nak menang? amek.. haha..but then, i realise something that's more important than being a jerk inside here. it's the lessons, the value of being able to stand for your own right and love what you like, go for it and show it to others. it's just not the ego :)

haa dah.jangan ngada-ngada plak eh. sekali ni je puji2 ko.stop.never ever ever dah nak buat entry gedik cam ni lagi hahaha..:P


hUr said...

like like like sejuta kali.

tapi facebook tak bagi. lalalala

Syafinaz Alizaini said...

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