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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 07 (of Revenge)

Day 07- A picture of someone/something that has a big impact on you.

are you lonely?

do you need a partner, a friend, or a lover?

introducing Mokmok ; a lifetime lover of hur azmi. yeah you're right, i repeat.. lifetime..

'mokmok dance' by mokmok. all you need to have is a longitudinal wall.

Mokmok and Saya Nosis. mokmok is so friendly that he can get along with all species of monsters, anthropods, hermaphrodites, homosapiens and aliens

mokmok can gain skills such as drawing, mumbling, knee jerking and bebeling, according to what the owner teaches them. the skill books are also available for sale.cheats are also provided at the black markets.

how a big impact that mokmok had brought to her life. 100% guaranteed.. clinically tested, no dust, lice or mice that can cause any discomfort or histamine release. safe for bronchial asthma user. eco friendly, mokmok do not release any fart, fat, annoying sounds (like bebel, for the skill-0 level mokmok) and he can chase out or eat cocoroach, papa roach, mama roach, road block, stroke, deep vein thrombosis.. etc.

just kick him out the window, smack him down or just even play hide and seek with him around the garbage. any of this threats would make the owner turn into some bizarre monster of the day.now you see how massive cosequence you'll get when you're just trying to be nice to that little blue-cowlike-creature? yeah, now get one for your own!

now take a deep breath,

listen to your heart,

and think.

think twice.

and think again.

price : not yet available in this country. please check back later.

(discounts available for any cute little amoi around there)

caution : we are not responsible for any damage causes after the purchase. including the bebel bebel part.


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Unknown said...

wow~ cool mokmok. ade kredit utk ak x? XD

i'll prefer bea bea more. ;p

Syafinaz Alizaini said...

tak topup lg :D

sape bea bea?